I studied art in Paris, France, at the Ecole National Supérieur des Beaux Arts, and then lived in Paris most of my life. My paintings are derived mostly from people and places I've seen during my travels, often unremarkable scenes, which I translate in my mind into more romantic, more dramatic tableaux. These can transport the figures to other times and places.

I have illustrated childens' books, and have exhibited my paintings frequently, both in France and the USA. My first big exhibition in Paris was at the Salle des Expositions, L'événement du Jeudi, rue Christine in the Sixth Arrondissement. I also exhibited at the Closerie des Lilas, where most of my paintings reflected the rich history of this classic "lieu des rencontres" of the 30's and 40's. I also exhibited in the Salon d'Automne at the Grand Palais. Later, in the USA, I exhibited at the Albright-Knox museum in Buffalo, NY. Most recently, I had a one person show sponsored by the City of Fontainebleau in their city-owned gallery.

A large number of my paintings are of theatre, opera and restaurants, where colors, clothes, and drama are very intense; these are always translated in my mind into my own view of what I see. Because I traveled a lot, I also paint pictures of boats and train travel, again seen through my personal view.